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We held our first Foster Fun Night on March 23, 2017.  Cottonton Baptist Church graciously hosted us at their camp.  The premise was simple, share a meal and let the kids enjoy the outdoors along with the camp amenities. One of the unplanned bonuses was that the foster parents were able to sit back and chat and enjoy themselves as well.

There were giggles spread across the camp as groups moved through the ropes course which developed teamwork and communication. Cottonton volunteers were at every station throughout the camp encouraging and challenging the kids as they tried to accomplish the goals. The volunteers’ kindness was evident to everyone.

We grilled hot dogs for dinner and afterwards the kids roasted marshmallows for s’mores.  For some it was obviously their first time to eat a s’more and their delight was unmistakable. However, when they heard that the boat was going back out on the river they all took off running.  They truly loved going out on the boat.

Kids that were 10 years old and older got to try out the camp’s zip-line. At one point a little girl was on the platform and she froze.  She was too afraid to climb back down and too afraid to go onto the zip-line.  The volunteer on the platform got down on her level and talked through everything compassionately. Soon, many of us on the ground started offering words of encouragement and reassurance to her as well.  She took her time steadying herself and then she finally flew.  She was beaming as she walked her harness back to the zip-line start.  Her smile was brilliantly displaying pride and confidence.  Moments like this are exactly why we want to offer events like Foster Fun Night to our local foster families.   We are already looking forward to when we can do it again.

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