Visitation Center

We are in the process of opening up a visitation center. What is a visitation center you may ask? It’s a place for foster families and birth families to meet and allow meaningful connections to be made/reestablished. What will our visitation center offer?

Home like environment, complete with:

  • Livingroom – Couch, TV with DVD Player, and stocked bookshelf
  • Diningroom – Table Chairs and homework area complete with computer and WIFI.
  • Children’s Playroom – Train Table, Tool Bench, Kitchen, Blocks, Duplos
  • Gameroom – Air Hockey, Board Games, Lego’s, and video game console
  • Laundryroom – parents can work on life skills with older children

How can you get involved? We need to following items:

  • Computer Speakers
  • Circle by Disney
  • Shopvac
  • Lego’s (New or used)
  • Blocks (New or used)
  • Card Table and Chairs
  • 32-40” Wall mountable TV (New or used)
  • Nintendo Wii (new or used)
    • Nonviolent games to go with it (Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Etc.)
  • Arcade Style Game (Foosball, basketball, pool)
  • DVD or Blu-Ray Movies (PG and Below) (New or used)

Here are links to our Amazon Wishlists:

Birthday Cakes:

Right now there are 120 children in Russell County Department of Human Resources care. Each one of these children will have a birthday, and we want to make it memorable. We can do with a $30 Walmart Gift Card to cover the cost of a personalized birthday cake from the bakery.

Cora’s Closet

We are working to prep emergency grab bags that have basics in them for children coming into care.

  • Diaper Bags (wipes, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, formula, receiving blanket, and burp clothes)
  • Pajama’s, underwear, hygiene items (all sizes, boys and girls, new items only)
  • $50 Walmart Gift Cards, so foster parents can grab any additional items needed

First Night Dinner

  • Details coming soon